Mail-Orders--This service allows you to purchase our Palms in the quickest way possible. Usually only 3 Days.
We use the United States Postal Service(USPS)/UPS and Fed-Ex.  Weight and Zip Codes will ultimately determine the final cost.

Delivery--- Our Delivery Service meets the needs of customers who cannot come to our Farm and pick-up.
Our Trucks serve the entire Unites States and  Canada. Always feel fee to call if you have any delivery questions.  
*Please note that our Trucks have a minimum order due to Fuel cost and Driver time. Most Semi-Loads will consist of 60 to 600 trees & max weight 80,000 lbs.
**  We Occasionally offer Smaller Loads depending upon the amount of customers for your area.
***Please Have Arrange Equipment or Labor to Un-Load the Trailer.

Pick-up--- Centrally located in Florida and very easy to get to from Orlando (Interstate-4) and Tampa (Interstate 75)
* If coming to Pick-up Please call ahead to confirm your order and to make sure we are onsite.

Payment---In Advance---
We accept the following---Checks (Florida) or allow the Check to clear from another State / Money Orders / Cash / Bank Wires.
*Also Offering the Following Credit Cards for Payment - Master Card / Discover / Visa / American Express

Price List-- *Call to make sure Inventory and Prices are Current*

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus- Waggie Palm - (Origin  Japan)  EXTREMELY COLD HARDY / When Mature
Liner/Starters -- $1.50                each       Taking orders currently
3 gallons ---------$                        each     *Pick-up Price*   (Sold-Out)
7 gallons----------$20  to   $50   each     *Pick-up Price* 

15 gallon---------$60  to   $120  each     *Pick-up Price*

25/30 gallon----$140 to  $250  each     *Pick-up Price*

Trachycarpus  Wagnerianus x Fortunei- (Nainital) - (Hybrid)  EXTREMELY COLD HARDY / When Mature   
Liner/Starters-- $1.25                each       Taking orders currently
 1 gallon ---------$3.25                each       (Ready in 2018)
3 gallon- --------$10                    each     *Pick-up Price
7 gallon ---------$20  to   $50    each     *Pick-up Price

Trachycarpus Fortunei- Windmill Palm -(Origin China)  COLD HARDY / When Mature
Liner/Starters--$1.00                each        Taking Orders currently
1 gallon----------$3.50                each        (Ready in 2018)
3 gallon ---------$

Sabal Minor- Blue Stem-

King Sago -

Also offering- Plants / Shrubs /and Trees @ Direct Wholesale Prices.
**  We Belong to a Co-OP of 30 Growers offering a  Pool of Savings. Give us a opportunity to Quote your next project  **
Call Gabriel Growers Inc. to discuss your ordering needs at ( 352 ) 277-1307
Due to many Variable Conditions and Situations we Do Not Warranty or Guarantee any of our Palm Trees or any other Plant/Tree Material once it leaves our Farm.

Serving the United States and Canada

Cold hardy palm trees for sale

Ordering Process

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